The Growing Bacteria in Stagnant Water

I have to admit, there are a couple TV shows I still enjoy, although it’s getting extremely hard to even turn the T.V. on these days while pursuing after Christ and His holiness. However, one show I really enjoy is called, “Man vs. Wild”. I am not naive enough to think that everything the man does on that show is actually as we see it, but it’s entertaining none the less. The host, Bear Grylls gives advice along the way as he encounters all the struggles he faces in the particular wilderness that he happens to be at.

One piece of advice that I’m sure I’ll remember if I’m ever trapped in the wild is one that he mentions quite frequently – “never drink from stagnant water.” Bear often has to find his own water source in the wild as he doesn’t bring any water with him. So he’s always on the lookout for a good source of water. However, as thirsty as one may get in the most dire of situations in the wild, Bear advises us (like we’ll ever be in these situations), never to drink water that is not flowing, as it will most certainly hold dozens of parasites and bacteria that will only put the one seeking water in a much more harmful situation, especially without medical attention.

On the contrary, in most circumstances, water that is flowing is safe to drink as bacteria simply has no time or opportunity to grow and infect it. So it got me thinking – isn’t that a great parallel to the Christian life? When we, as Christians aren’t moving toward Jesus Christ and the holiness that He provides, we are like stagnant water – our hearts and lives begin to grow sin, probably at a rate we don’t even want to consider.

It makes perfect sense when you begin to think about it, because all of Satan’s attacks in our lives are to get us to stop moving forward. He uses fear of the unknown, distractions of the world, busyness of life, sinful desires that weigh us down, and guilt to get us to feel unworthy to be anywhere near the holiness of Jesus Christ. Satan himself knows that if he can halt our progress to the life and cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, then the victory will be his. Sin can’t help but grow in the life of a sinner when they’re not moving toward the refuge and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

On other hand, when a person recognizes their own filth and makes the decision (by the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit) to run after Jesus Christ, sin begins to leave their life, because, not only does sin not have the time and opportunity to grow and infect, but the very holiness of Jesus Christ wipes clean any stain that might linger.

Perhaps you’re thinking, well it sounds good, but where is there scriptural evidence for such a theory? Well, you might be surprised how much God’s Word uses a picture of a race when referring to the Christian life (Hebrews 12:1-2, 1 Corinthians 9:24-27), or it tells us to STRIVE for life (Luke 13:24, Hebrews 4:11), or even cast off the weights in our life so we can move forward to Christ and holiness. Even Jesus Himself tells to come after Him and renounce anything that would hold us back from doing so (Luke 14:25-35).

Let us take Paul’s instruction in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 and not just move our arms and legs about so as to create the illusion of movement, but to actually run after the One refuge, safety, and source of all eternal holiness and righteousness; Jesus Christ. HE is the only One who can save us, cleanse us and make us like God.

Oh, Christian, do not listen to the constant lies of the devil that tell you that you are already safe if you’ve been saved, you must keep moving! “STRIVE for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14 The proof that we are saved is that we’re moving closer and closer to Christ and producing more and more of His holiness. Safety is purely in the arms of Jesus Christ, and a stagnant approach to going after Him will produce the most vile, filthiest things we could ever imagine.

RUN, STRIVE, SPRINT to Jesus Christ every morning, every afternoon and every evening, it is the only way we will not produce the works of darkness and the works of the flesh that God says He will condemn everyone who lives such a way.

This is not a game, it’s a matter of eternal life and death. May Jesus draw you near, may the Holy Spirit guide and direct you to Jesus, and may prayer and God’s Word be your sword and shield in the fight for holiness.

One Response to “The Growing Bacteria in Stagnant Water”

  1. That’s such a good physical picture of what spiritually happens, man. The truth is, I think we all have things that are growing inside our hearts, things that would severely gross anyone out if they were materialized. The sad thing is we usually ask what we did wrong for this disgusting matter to grow in us, when the real problem is what you mentioned…not moving forward towards Christ! We would be wise to follow Paul’s model of “forgetting what lies behind and pressing forward”; only then can Jesus not only heal our nasty infection, but replace the resulting emptiness with the only true cure – Himself. Keep the insights comin’, God is using them.

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