The Two Most Unlikely Fiery Darts of the Devil


It’s a daily truth; Christians are under spiritual attack from Satan and his workers. Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the full armor of God so that we may stand against Satan’s deceits and schemes. Those of us who have been Christians for most of our lives are sometimes able to see some of these traps and snares that Satan sets for us. He likes using what is effective, even if it’s repetitive.


 Perhaps when we imagine some of these traps, we think of those times when we were especially weak or living by the flesh that Satan was able to entice us with sin; and, although he certainly does that as well, most often, that is not his game.  Satan is called “the deceiver” for a reason. He likes to take things that have the appearance of good and use them for evil. Why? Simple – they’re extremely effective and have long term results.


Two of his favorite fiery darts that he seems to use time and time again are not “traps” or “snares” at first glance. In fact, they both have a morsel of truth within them. Ah, but that’s where the deception lies.


 Let’s take a short look at them. The first dart is the trap of self-righteousness; or what we like to term “legalism”. Yes, it’s an ugly word. We immediately begin to think of stuffed-shirt prudes who take themselves way too seriously and command that others follow rules, regulations and conducts to remain spiritual. They get caught up in styles of music, dress codes, translations of the Bible, etc.


 Oh, but make no mistake, self-righteousness goes far beyond that. It can simply be our tendency to feel good about ourselves throughout a day because we spent time with God in His Word and prayer, or because we took that opportunity to share the Gospel instead of keeping it to ourselves. It could even be that sin that we said “no” to that we now find reason to boast about. Whatever it is, if it’s not done for our pure desire to love and serve Jesus Christ because of the love and full righteousness we’ve received, it’s filthy – and Satan knows it. However, when we are attacked by this fiery dart, it’s not packaged as “legalism”, but as “holiness”.


 Before we look at where this line is drawn, let us look at the 2nd fiery dart – rebellion or worldliness. Well, of course we know that’s a trap, right? No true Christian can live a life of rebellion or worldliness; we’re clear on that. Certainly that can’t be a subtle trap of the devil. Oh, but it is, because it’s not packaged to us as “worldliness” or “rebellion”; it’s presented to us as “grace”. Grace? How can that be? That’s a can’t-miss concept.


 Well, when grace is defined correctly it is, but when grace simply becomes our “way out” of condemnation, and worldliness becomes the pattern for our life; then grace becomes distorted and perverted. And many times, the fuel for living a worldly lifestyle is the hatred for legalism; and so, in our efforts to flee legalism, we swing the pendulum all the way over to the world and to our own desires and comforts, instead of to the only Source of refuge and righteousness – Jesus Christ.


 You see the danger in these weapons? They come to our door packaged as grace and holiness, but when we open them up and sink our teeth into them, we begin to realize that we just ate the apple of pride – the very same apple that Satan got Eve to eat. Then the real damage begins; Satan uses these darts over and over and over because, in our eyes, they’re not seen as a trap, but as a well-meaning lifestyle.


 Must we live by grace alone? Without question. Must we live holy, separate lives? No doubt whatsoever. But neither of them is done by looking unto us; they’re done only by looking unto Jesus alone. He is our holiness, He is our grace. The only way God withholds His judgment from us is because of the righteousness and refuge of Jesus Christ our Lord. So, when righteousness is dependent upon us – it makes a mockery of the cross of Christ, and when grace gives us fuel to live any way we desire and we stop fearing God, then we aren’t living by grace at all, but by our own flesh – whose very heart is so corrupt that we cannot begin to understand it.


 May we always watch out for these two fiery darts of the evil one and may we always be looking unto Jesus Christ for true grace and true holiness, so that God the Father may be glorified. 

2 Responses to “The Two Most Unlikely Fiery Darts of the Devil”

  1. this. I am having a fiery dart of Jezebel/Control after me and wow..she is pretty powerful. Say that you know without a doubt that Jesus walked on water..(take away all the scenarios of what the meaning is for today…this actually happened so why would a true believer want to go against that..?? Oh, well…trusting God to please show me how to conquer this one..not, that fact that I want others not to look to Jesus threw everyday worldly storms, but the main fact of it actually is like saying God is a liar..

  2. Thanks!!!!! I so needed that:)

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