“Concert Christianity” by Don Jackson

“Concert Christianity”

I love a good concert! I enjoy a quality stage and light show, and some really loud music (probably why I’m going deaf). I am a fan of many Christian bands. However, I have a growing concern about how the Gospel is being presented at some “Big Events” and even a greater concern about the invitations which tend to follow.

Recently, I witnessed a tragedy. A Christian artist/speaker spent over an hour rocking out the house with some great music then gave a five minute “Gospel” message to a house full of teens that went something like this: “How many of you have ever been hurt by a parent or a friend?” Everyone raised their hands. “I want to introduce you to someone who changed my life and helped my hurts.His name is Jesus!” Loud applause. “You need Jesus. If you want Jesus then repeat this prayer.” The artist led the audience in the “sinner’s prayer” and then invited anyone who prayed the prayer back stage for autographs and a “New Believer Kit”.

I was devastated! I’m sure the artist meant well and really thinks he is leading hundreds of teens to Jesus on a weekly basis. He needs to realize that many Millenials are confused spiritually and will readily accept anything and everything including opposing religious thoughts. In other words, Millenials may accept Jesus right along with Zen Buddism and Hedonism. If they think it might help, they’ll take it.

We need to be careful to present the Gospel clearly and fully and when we give an invitation, we must do better than, “Repeat this prayer after me”. A good invitation should include repentance for forgiveness of sin (Luke 13:3, 5) and to receive Christ alone (John 14:6), by grace alone (Ephesians 2:8-9), through faith alone (Acts 16:31).

There is nothing wrong with great Christian entertainment. I have great respect for artists who clearly present the Word. But the Gospel is literally a matter of eternal life and death and should not be a short tag on to a great performance.

For More information: donj.vfy@gmail.com

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