The Gospel of Jesus Christ

We had a study this past Sunday night from Romans 1, and the first question on our study sheet was “Define the Gospel”. So it got me thinking; how well do I know the Gospel?

SO, I want to take some time and define the Gospel  as best as I can from the Word of God, and see if it’s the Gospel we claim to know today, and I would like your help in doing this project, Christian. Please let me know if I have left something out, and then let’s take this message to the world! Let’s get started…

The Gospel of Jesus Christ:

– God is holy and righteous (okay, please don’t breeze past this – dwell upon it, search it out. We could spend forever on this topic and not even come near to covering it, but it is the very first step of the Gospel, so we must understand this)

– Man is utterly sinful (same as above) aka – “Dead in our sins” – Ephesians 2. They both inherited their sin from the first man who ever lived, Adam, they have broken all of God’s commands and live in complete contradiction to His will. 

– God detests sin and cannot look at it or have any relationship with it whatsoever. He MUST punish the lawbreaker – aka, we are “children awaiting wrath” – Ephesians 2

– God loves mankind (John 3:16)

– God is rich in mercy (Ephesians 2)

– God loves His own glory (since there is nothing greater to glory in) and desires to exalt His magnificent grace to all creation (Ephesians 2) ***VITAL TO THIS WHOLE PLAN OF SALVATION, GOD DOES IT FOR HIMSELF***

– God sent His Son, Jesus Christ (Who is the EXACT representation of God’s being – Hebrews 6) to humble Himself, become flesh, live a perfect, holy and righteous life, do God’s will every moment of His life, love God with all His heart, soul and strength, fulfill God’s law, teach about God’s will and His plan for salvation, set the example for loving and serving others…

– And then give His life on a cross and take upon Himself all the sins of God’s elect, past, present and future, and be seen in God’s eyes as the lawbreaker and then because of that, be crushed and destroyed by God’s wrath until He died on the cross, as God turned His back on His Son and separated Jesus from the fellowship of His Heavenly Father. 

– Then 3 days after His death, Jesus arose from the grave and conquered death and sin all at once. 

– Man, therefore, cannot find or attain righteousness on his own by accomplishing God’s law. Because of sin, we are incapable of the perfect holiness that God demands for avoiding eternal condemnation, having a relationship with God, and being allowed entrance into Christ’s eternal Kingdom. 

– Man must recognize their own state of sinfulness, admit they’re the lawbreaker, understand and affirm that they cannot get to God by their own works, and repent of their sins and place faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation by crying out to God until He grants them mercy, forgiveness, repentance and faith through Jesus Christ, so they might attain Christ’s righteousness, be forgiven from their sins, avoid God’s wrath, be reconciled to God and be allowed entrance into Christ’s eternal Kingdom. 

– When a person trusts in Christ for salvation, God indwells them with His Holy Spirit who permanently seals them in God’s eternal family, guarantees to their own spirit their salvation, and guides and directs them all their lives to turn away from sin and strive for holiness. 

– Man must become a new creature as a result of this transformation; it’s called regeneration. They cannot stay the same sinful person they once were. If this transformation does not take place, and they do not become haters of sin and lovers of holiness, then salvation has not taken place. They must cry out to God for His mercy, forgiveness, repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, and do so until He saves them.

– As a result of regeneration and salvation through Jesus Christ, man’s life now belongs to Jesus Christ. They must and will constantly deny themselves, die to themselves, and grasp the value of Jesus Christ and look to Him, crave to know Him and His love greater and greater, and be willing to do anything for His sake, even to the point of physical death – due to the fact that they are eternally safe in God’s arms through Christ. If this does not happen, then true regeneration and salvation has not taken place. They must cry out to God for His mercy, forgiveness, repentance of their sin and faith in Jesus Christ, and do so until He truly saves them. 

– Because of the fact that man will be washed clean by the blood of Christ, and be released from the bondage of sin at the moment of salvation, they will go on to produce the fruits of righteousness in their lives, which they were once unable to do. They will begin imitating Jesus Christ in their minds and actions and begin loving those around them and caring nothing for their own regard. If this doesn’t begin to take place, true salvation hasn’t taken place. 

– Man will always, always look to Jesus and care very much that His Name is being exalted among the nations, so that others might come to Him for salvation and righteousness. They will give their lives for it. Their life now belongs to Jesus Christ and God’s will for their lives. Whatever He desires for them, they will follow. If they don’t, true salvation has not taken place. 

– Their faith MUST endure and persevere through trials, testings, suffering and persecution, which will all come against the believer at some point in their lives. If they abandon their faith and Jesus Christ, true salvation hasn’t taken place and they are awaiting the wrath of God. If their faith doesn’t endure until their very last breath, they should expect to face God’s wrath for their sins. They MUST abide in the protection of Jesus Christ, there is no other refuge! ***GOD WILL HOLD ALL TRUE BELIEVERS TO HIMSELF THROUGH JESUS CHRIST BY HIS OWN POWER, NOTHING CAN SEPARATE THEM FROM HIS LOVE*** Only the imposters will fall away.

– Not only will God grant eternal life to those who are righteous in Jesus Christ, He will also grant them peace, hope and joy that will surpass all understanding and will make the world awe at their confidence and boldness in their faith. God will also take care of EVERY ONE of their needs until their very last breath on earth, so that their one job is to do God’s will and love and serve Jesus Christ all the days of their lives. 

– When man boasts thereafter, they will only boast in Jesus Christ and God’s wonderful grace in their lives. 

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