Why Would He Take the Money?

In the Bible, the Old Testament is filled with the stories of ordinary people just like you and me who struggled in the “flesh”.  One of my favorite…well favorite in the sense that I learn the most from, is a man that maybe you’ve never heard of before.

Gehazi was an understudy to the prophet Elisha (2 Kings chapter 5).  In my imagination Gehazi was a gung-ho, WWJD bracelet wearing, knew the books of the Bible, could sing all the verses of Amazing Grace, wanting to be used of God kind of guy.  The problem was:  Gehazi had still not laid his flesh to rest.  One day a very needy leperous man named Naaman came to Elisha the prophet looking to be healed of his terrible disease.  After eventually following the precise directions of the prophet of God, the leper became clean.  zflytrapAs you can imagine, after a lifetime of rubs, ointments, salts, and spending every dime for the latest in leprosy removal care, Naaman was so thankful that he tried to pay the prophet for his service.  Elisha responded by saying, “as the Lord lives in heaven, I will not accept that.”  So what does this have to do with Gehazi?  Well…I’m sad to report that the Word records that part of the story too.  By reading on (verses 20-27) we clearly see that Gehazi was driven by the desires of the flesh.  Gehazi sneaked back to the healed man (when he should have been with the boss), spoke on Elisha’s behalf (without his blessing) and asked for the monetary gift (he lied and said that there were men that needed the money).  What would cause a man that was on an inside fast-track to relevant ministry and a close relationship with the God of the universe to fall so hard so fast?  I say its the “inner-terrorism” of the flesh.

That old dog needs to die.  It’s time to lay the flesh…your flesh to rest.  Next time, I hope to give you some practical applications on how to avoid being like Gehazi.

I’ll leave it at that for now.  (Part 2 coming soon)

2 Responses to “Why Would He Take the Money?”

  1. Very nice post bobby. I fell like I just read a good Bible study often times post like this read like a story instead of a study. Again I say, very good my friend!!!!

  2. shelly matheny Says:

    Sounds like me This is good stuff. I suffer from self centerness and think that someone owes me something and really I owe everything to god for saving me in the best way you can be saved. Jesus a sinless sacrafice. Yet I still want to hang on to what I think will make me happy.
    yet I can only get true happyness from my heavenly father. surrender everything is gain.

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